Mixed-Use and Residential Development

It's about better living.

Foxford Communities specializes in identifying properties with high potential and implementing the change required to enhance value.  We understand the mixed-use and residential market, and we know what buyers are looking for.  We put the missing pieces in place to increase occupancy, reduce turnover, and enhance valuation —  maximizing a property’s potential.  We build luxury homes and townhomes, upscale condominiums in infill locations, and apartments. We do this with a focus on community — creating better living environments for our residents, coupled with appreciating home values that serve to strengthen their future.

At Foxford, we know what buyers want.  And that guides us, every step of the way.

Site Identification and Land Preparation

Identifying Opportunities and Mitigating Risk.

Our strength in identifying development opportunities extends to finding value in locations that demonstrate prime opportunities. We purchase the land and prepare it for development by performing the entitlement work, including obtaining zoning and plat approvals. In some cases we initiate infrastructure improvements. We absorb much of the initial risk for developers and enable them to step in and begin building.